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Federation of Kinesiology


Non Profit Association of Social Promotion


"    Balance    and    Harmony    "  




Welcome to the web site of the Federation of Kinesiology





Kinesiology is a Therapeutic Discipline of great effectiveness and directness that, in fifty years from its introduction thanks to Dr. George J. Goodheart, has been able to express a truly amazing wealth of applications and developments. It stands today as one of the most effective means to improve and preserve wellness in any person.



The Federation of Kinesiology

To the purpose of spreading and sharing such a remarkable wealth of information, so valuable for the best interest of all, the Federation of Kinesiology was established in Italy, a non-profit organization directly recognized by the Italian Government.

The Federation of Kinesiology, registered as ONLUS (Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility) in 2004 according to the Legislative Decree N░ 460 of December 4th 1997, was classified in 2010 as APS (Association of Social Promotion) according to the State Law N░ 383 of December 7th 2000 and to the Regional Law of the Lombardy N░ 1 of February 14th 2008 (Managerial Decree N░ 184 of February 18th 2010 - R.G. 1868/2010), in consideration of its aims of high social interest. In 2022, with the implementation by the State of the RUNTS (Unique National Register of the Third Sector), it was registered in its own right in the RUNTS by the Repertoire Number 33255.

The Federation of Kinesiology is pleased to count among its members the late Dr. George J. Goodheart, Founder of Kinesiology, who openly manifested his honour and personal pleasure in joining it, and who was fittingly awarded with the special title of Member Honoris Causa.

The Federation of Kinesiology is also the 'National Associate Member' for Italy of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists - IASK, founded in the United States in 1987, which gathers Kinesiologists from all over the World.

As explicitly indicated in the memorandum of association, the object of the Federation of Kinesiology is that of "fostering the knowledge and the use of the resources offered by Kinesiology in all of its different branches and aspects, as well as the resources provided by other disciplines synergic or similar to it, in a view directly pointed to the best health and wellness for each individual."

This web site in all its developments stands as a direct testimony to this continuous activity of sharing the resources of Kinesiology to the highest common good.




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